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About us

Interquim, s.a. is integrated into the Ferrer HealthTech division and manufactures active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. Our state-of-the-art installations are located in Sant Cugat del Vall├Ęs (Barcelona).
Our business is based on developing highly competitive processes for the manufacture of high added-value active pharmaceutical ingredients that meet the strictest quality specifications. Our products are manufactured under strict European environmental and work safety regulations.

Our products are exported to the largest regulated pharmaceutical markets, always respecting any applicable intellectual property rights in the countries where our clients do business.

Our quality system is governed by good manufacturing practices (GMP) and continual improvement. Our quality system and our installations have been inspected and approved by regulatory bodies and our clients, who demand the highest standards.

Ferrer is an international group of more than 50 companies active in the pharmaceutical, hospital, diagnostics, fine chemicals, feed and food sectors. Its products are sold in more than 70 countries.


Mission, Vision and Values

Mission To advance the wellbeing of society.

Vision We aim to be a leading company in the field of people's wellbeing.

Values - Boldness
- Inclusiveness
- Commitment
- Empathy
- Eco-consciousness
- Humility
- Trust
- Integrity
- Conviction
- Passion


Our team

Our team's skill and commitment to the company's mission, vision and values means we can face new challenges with the greatest confidence and offer our clients products with high added value.



Interquim, s.a. was founded in 1978. At that time, its main business was supplying active pharmaceutical ingredients to Ferrer. Today, Interquim s.a. sells its products in the most highly regulated pharmaceutical markets.
Since 1998, Interquim, s.a. has passed regular FDA inspections.
In 2003, Interquim, s.a., obtained ISO 14.001 certification for its environmental commitment.
In 2004, Interquim, s.a. started building up a catalogue of active ingredients for regulated generic pharmaceutical markets. Today, Interquim's modern, flexible multiproduction plants and new drug-synthesis and quality-control laboratories mean we can provide our clients with support from the initial product development right through to the marketing stage.